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About OPShop Guide Victoria

The ‘Op Shop Guide (Victoria)’ is an extensive alphabetical listing of Victorian Op Shops. It provides an easy reference guide to locating and shopping at these valuable outlets.

Each Op Shop is recorded by its suburb. You may also go to the index to find an Op Shop by its name.

There are over 380 pages detailing 773 Op Shops. It delivers an overview of the stores' purpose and shares vital location and operational details.

There is also a 'Comment Section" for each shop. Feel free to document all those special finds and prices. This will be a great record of which shops you have visited and of course which ones you will need to get to next time. I also put some spare pages towards the back, use these to enter a list of suburbs for you to create your own op shopping tour day.

Collectively this book is a tool to get you to the Op Shops in Victoria. I could outline all the financial and recycling benefits of Op Shopping…but ultimately it's a personal decision to why you may use this type of retail therapy. I believe the rest of the experience is all yours…fossick, share, find, save and enjoy!.



OPShop Guide Victoria

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